Photo Enlargements

Enlarging photographs can make your image look larger than life. Photo enlargements have many uses as they can be used at special events, conventions, and business presentations. Also, photo enlargements can be printed in different finishes that can provide a different visual effect. They can also be printed on a variety of materials giving photo enlargements unique design appeal. Depending on the event and need, enlarged photos can also be mounted and hung up in nearly any space. Here are some of the ways that photo enlargements can be used to enhance any event.


Trade shows and conventions are a great opportunity to showcase visually striking images and graphics because of the number of people attending. The amount of foot traffic that your business can see at one of these events makes the use of photo enlargements a terrific way to advertise your company. Your business, logo, new service/product, or any image can be enlarged, so it can be advertised to potential customers.

Special Events

Weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate functions, and other special occasions are terrific ways that photo enlargements can be used. For example, having a photo enlarged for a wedding ceremony can add to the memories created as the wedding guests will be able to see a fantastic photo of the happy couple. Photo enlargements are also useful as they can be used for corporate presentations, easily demonstrating valuable information to a large number of guests.

Finishes and Material

Custom photo enlargements can be set in different finishes, providing a different aesthetic with vibrant colors. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, certain finishes are better suited than others. For instance, if you plan on hanging up an enlarged photo in an area that receives sunlight, an ultraviolet finish would be best. Matte, gloss, and laminating are other finishes available for any photo enlargement. Also, enlarged photos can be printed on nearly any material such as,

Photo Enlargement Placement  

The versatility of photo enlargements doesn’t just stop at what material they can be printed on, or what the final finish ends up becoming. Photo enlargements can be placed in a variety of places at a special event, trade show, or place of business. They can be hung up as decoration for a restaurant, placed on a stanchion stand at a wedding, or suspended in air above a convention booth. With the many areas an enlarged photo can be placed, they easily stand out and look marvelous.

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